Science fiction writer, Scot Delberts, has experienced vividly lucid dreams since childhood - dreams that served as inspiration throughout his career. Now suddenly, his dreams are drawing the attention of the United States government who seeks to recruit him for a top secret project in operation since the 1940’s.

While finding the offer curiously tempting, his suspicions are quickly raised when he discovers he was recommended for the project by his imaginary childhood friend.

created & written by Dennis Alfrey
developed exclusively for Cinemaddiction
NOTE: While some of the characters and events depicted in this story were inspired by well-known historical figures and events, the portrayal of such characters and the depiction of such events are fictional. All other characters and incidents portrayed and names used were created for the purpose of fictitious dramatization and any similarity to the names, characters, and history of actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintentional.
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