NOTE: All characters and incidents portrayed and names used were created for the purpose of fictitious dramatization and any similarity to the names, characters, and history of actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintentional. Mania © 1997 Cinemaddiction. All Rights Reserved.
Samantha is only sixteen years old, but has suffered from insomnia for nearly a decade. Filled only with a desire to sleep, each night she gazes out over the valley from her hilltop home and watches the lamplit windows of her slumbering neighbors below go dark one at a time. Little toy sheep used to count her sleepless nights line the top of her dresser. Her personal record is six.

She thought her condition was unique. However, something strange is happening in her small colonial hometown of Andalusia, Pennsylvania. No one in town has slept since the travelling circus arrived seventy-two hours ago and there seems to be no end in sight to the phenomenon.

The finest medical minds in the study of sleep disorders are without answers and the Center for Disease Control is struggling to contain it.

Can sleep be restored to the residents of Andalusia before the town spirals into madness or will the condition spread beyond the town limits? Only Samantha can save them.

created by Dennis Alfrey
written by Dennis Alfrey & Dena Cage
developed exclusively for Cinemaddiction

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