The "Committee" is a group of private citizens assembled for self-protection and the protection of their city. Established because there is no local law enforcement and the local government is ineffectual, corrupt, or unpopular. The group, despite generally held opinions, is not a mob of individuals bent on revenge of the moment, but a well-organized network, with charters defining their purpose and an official membership list. They work in secrecy. Anonymity prevents retaliation by lawless or corrupt organizations. It also makes it difficult for government officials to pursue criminal charges in areas where the government holds jurisdiction. They pursue those suspected of being criminals or offenders, and punish the guilty. Ever watchful, they are called to duty in a moment's notice.

They are...
Inspired by the real-life Vigiliance Committees of the late 19th Century.

created & written by Dennis Alfrey
developed exclusively for Cinemaddiction

NOTE: While some of the characters and events depicted in this story were inspired by well-known historical figures and events, the portrayal of such characters and the depiction of such events are fictional. All other characters and incidents portrayed and names used were created for the purpose of fictitious dramatization and any similarity to the names, characters, and history of actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintentional.
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